I am a PhD student in Political Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I specialize in comparative politics and political methodology and am interested in studying the psychological mechanisms undergirding illiberal attitudes and behaviors both in democratic and non-democratic contexts. I also study how social identities – such as religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation – shape political outcomes. I am a graduate of Middlebury College and a proud alum of the United World College in Hong Kong.

Outside of academia, I have worked as a researcher for USAID/OTI in North Macedonia (where I am originally from) and for the Prague Security Studies Institute, researching online disinformation campaigns and susceptibility to foreign non-democratic influence in the Western Balkans. Prior to joining UNC, I also worked as a Data Analysis Consultant to the Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, a research assistant at Johns Hopkins – SAIS, and was a 2017-2018 Fellow at the Hearst Media Corporation in New York.